Enjoy a delicious island getaway from home with Bahama Buck’s Party Packs

Giving guests the ultimate mini-vacation with the best snow on Earth, that’s the goal of Bahama Buck’s on San Mateo. With a vast assortment of flavors and combinations, the possibilities of fun are endless.

Owner Andy Banuelos has recently taken over this Bahama Buck’s location and explains while he is only in his third week, he is loving the work. Banuelos says his first experience at the store was enjoyable as it reminded him of a vacation.

His goal is to provide guests with the same vacation-like island experience in a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Bahama Buck’s offers a tropical experience with their frozen indulgences such as smoothies, frozen lattes, lemonade, and shaved ice available in a multitude of flavor combinations.

Employee Bell Colon shows off the Bahama Buck’s Party Pack which serves up to 25 guests and your choice of three Sno flavors. The Party Pack includes a cooler of fluffy Sno as well as cups, and a scoop needed to make your own custom shaved ice at home.

For more information on Bahama Buck’s, click here or visit their location at 4400 San Mateo Boulevard NE Suite E12.