UNM Truman Health Services provide students, parents with STD and HIV education, screenings

UNM Truman Health Services uses the latest in research and developments in medicine to enhance the lives of New Mexicans living with HIV. They treat their patients while respecting their dignity and right to privacy in the process.

UNM Truman Services is based in Albuquerque and their medical services area available to everyone living with HIV in the state of New Mexico. Health Education Coordinator Raisa Negron explains that UNM Truman Services has been working with local high schools for about four to five years now.

Representing Albuquerque High School, Highland High School, and Manzano High School UNM Truman Services is housed at each of the schools. Health education coordinator Javier Rios would like to remind students as they return to class for the beginning of a new school year that they are a resource.

“We have lots of educational material for both parents and teens about HIV and STIs and all three of our schools have a clinic that the students can access that provide those screenings,” said Rios.

While there are myths and misconceptions about STD and HIV testing, health education coordinator Wilma John explains it is quite simple.

“The rapid HIV test is a quick test. It’s a finger poke. First, we have a conversation about who partners are, what that looks like, types of activities they may be engaging in, and then the actual test is a finger poke,” said John.

At Truman Services, testing is available Tuesday from 8 a.m. to noon and on Thursdays from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. with the clinic open until 7 p.m. Any student can visit the in-school clinics at any time.

For more information on HIV and AIDS care and treatment, click here.

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