‘One Albuquerque’ campaign aims to unify the city

The “One Albuquerque” campaign is a call for the community to come together to solve some of the city’s biggest challenges. Mayor Tim Keller became mayor on December 1, 2017. He says while running for office, the “One Albuquerque” movement was already brewing.

“In the process of the campaign, people echoed the sentiments to me and it was this concept that we need to honor each other’s individual story and where we come from… but also be together to address our challenges,” said Keller.

The “One Albuquerque” movement has spurred initiatives throughout the city including:

  • Fighting crime with community policing
  • Promoting to buy local
  • Housing Fund: Housing vouchers for people experiencing homelessness
  • Making sure kids have opportunities to stay safe and engaged with before and after school programs.

Carols Contreras, Director of Marketing & Innovation for the City of Albuquerque helped develop the campaign. “Our residents and communicated want to work together, we are giving them the tools to engage with and use to their advantage,” said Contreras. “Albuquerque is ripe for engagement at a high level.”

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