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Palace of the Governors offers unique tour experience

It’s the oldest continuously occupied public building in the United States. Original construction on the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe began in 1610, under the direction of newly-appointed governor Pedro de Peralta. This predates the construction of the White House by more than 150 years.

With a building that has seen that much history, it was in need of some TLC.

The New Mexico History Museum and Palace of the Governors have been renovating the structure, pulling out exhibitions to preserve the historic properties and ensure its continued existence for centuries to come. While the process is happening, interim director Billy G. Garrett says it’s a great opportunity to host a unique tour experience.

During down-times of construction, the museum will host private tours of the building, giving guests an inside look at the history of the building, the challenges of maintaining historic preservation while accommodating 21st century needs. How do you preserve shelving that is nearly a century old while keeping the artifacts it holds safe?

Just one of the many questions the museum hopes to answer with visitors.

The schedule revolves around the construction process, so to find out when the tours are happening -and how to reserve your spot- visit

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