‘elite Dance & Theatre’ presents Dracula

Dracula is a story of love, courage, friendship, faithfulness and sacrifice in the face of great evil. Elite Dance and Theatre in Albuquerque is creating a hauntingly beautiful retelling of the original story by Bram Stoker.

The story follows Jonathon Harker and his friends in a deadly battle. Count Dracula’s malice is a game in which our heroes are caught like pawns in a chess match. They will risk all to save those they love.

“elite Dance & Theatre” presents Dracula September 6-14 at the North Fourth Theatre. Tickets go on sale August 6.

“elite Dance & Theatre” is the leading performing arts company in New Mexico for developing professional artists and creating unique theatre. The performing arts compnay focuses on technique as the foundation for all art forms, with an emphasis on artistry.

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