MAS Tapas y Vino serves up delicious, healthy food

Inspired by bold flavors, rich history and exuberance of Spanish cooking. Mas Tapas y Vino is located in the historic Hotel Andaluz and is serving up delicious, mouth-watering meals that embody the southwest.

MAS Tapas y Vino Executive Chef Marc Quinones says they serve creative, healthy food. He also says there will be a new menu around Balloon Fiesta season.

Chef Quinones also made fried chicken pincho on the New Mexico Living set, just one of the many great dishes that the restaurant serves.

Mas Tapas y Vino is located in Hotel Andaluz an offers fresh reinventions of traditional Spanish cuisine with an emphasis on organic, fresh and locally-sourced foods and high-quality ingredients.

Reservations can be made over the phone at 505-923-9080 or online. Hotel Andaluz is located at 125 Second Street NW in Albuquerque. Click here to learn more about MAS Tapas y Vino.


  • Chicken breast
  • Pickles
  • Chimichurri
  • Yucca Chips


Fry chicken until crispy, garnish with chimichurri, pickles and yucca.

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