Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day at Grassburger’s newest location

Grassburger is changing the world one cheeseburger at a time as they offer healthier options including 100% USA grass-fed beef, turkey, and vegan burgers.

“You can taste the difference, the animals have no antibiotics, no hormones and they live a happier, healthier life,” said Cody Wilderman with Grassburger.

Grassburger also participates in a Biofuel program that collects the business’ used fry oil and then converts it into power for local farm trucks in addition to the vehicles on the military base in Albuquerque. The company offers gluten-free and corn syrup-free options and uses non-GMO sunflower fry oil.

Burger Bowls are another favorite menu option and come with a base of savory quinoa and rice, and is topped with shredded cabbage. Their Farm Salad also features fresh greens, kale, red cabbage, carrots, radishes, and seasonally grown spouts.

Grassburger recently opened a new location at Coors and Montano by La Cumbre Brewing. They can also be found at Juan Tabo and Montgomery.

For more information on Grassburger, and their full menu, click here.

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