Learn how “It” will help you buy local and save money

“It” is here and the public is raving about “It”. “It” will save you money and Albuquerque’s mayor and New Mexico’s governor love “It”. So what exactly is “It”?

CEO and founder of Sports Systems and Best Deal Retailer, Duane Kinsley explains that “It” is a new sales process invented at Sports Systems to combat the internet.

“As you know the internet has been wiping out thousands of retailers nationwide. That because people come in, use our service, look at the product, feel and touch the product, then pull their phone out and find it cheaper online and they leave and buy it there,” said Duane.

He says that their new process has been so successful in their store that they created the company Best Deal Retailer and are now spreading their program across the state and nation.

Duane demonstrates how to use Best Deal Retailer, showing how to find an item with a better deal than in-store, add necessary services, and get the products you want in addition to services you need.

For more information on the Best Deal Retailer app, click here.

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