Optimize your skin’s hydration with Pour Moi Skincare

It’s a new niche in the beauty world. For years, people selected their type of skincare based on the type of skin they have. Now, Pour Moi Skincare is replacing that concept with a revolutionary climate strategy in which skincare is selected by climate.

Co-founder of Pour Moi Beauty, Ulli Haslacher, explains that geomoisturization is the latest beauty trend following clinical studies showing that skin behaves differently in various climates.

Pour Moi is featuring a cream specifically created to use in Albuquerque’s climate called Mountain Day Cream.

“We created the new texture for this environment that in Albuquerque, your skin will stay perfectly moisturized and therefore, repair itself,” said Ulli.

Pour Moi Skincare is exclusively for sell on their website as well as Amazon. New Mexico Living viewers will receive a one-time, 30 discount sitewide by using the code HAPPYLIVING.

For more information on Pour Moi Skincare, click here.

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