Bernalillo County Emergency Management encourages families to be prepared for any situation

Keeping Bernalillo County safe and prepared, their Department of Emergency Management works for the public, ensuring the county’s emergency operation center is manned and functional during disasters.

During National Preparedness Month, director of Emergency Management Richard Clark explains Bernalillo County is encouraging the public to be informed. Bernalillo County offers a text alert service that provides alerts regarding severe weather, fire danger, road closures, etc.

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Richard also encourages the public to create a go-bag in order to prepare for emergencies. Bernalillo County provides tips to create a 5-minute Go Bag.

To begin, go through your home, room to room, listing one thing in each room that would be able to carry in your backpack that you would not want to leave behind, wedding photo, special book, etc.) Then, list only one or two treasures that fit in the bag that you can grab while running through the house. If you can fit those items in the bag do it now, adding the remaining items on the 5 minute go list.

Add additional items to your 5 minute go list including cell phones, backup drives, critical contact numbers. You can also assign tasks such as put the cat out. Include any valuable documents such as birth certificates and passports.

Stage your Go Bag in a convenient location and create other go bags for family members. When you have more time, add other survival items including medications, old glasses, granola bars, flashlight, etc.

For more emergency preparedness tips and resources, click here.

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