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Jeopardy champ Jason Zuffranieri reflects on 19 wins

Nineteen wins, more than $532,000 in winnings, and a run for the ages on the hit game show, “Jeopardy.” It’s the legacy of Albuquerque math teacher Jason Zuffranieri.

Zuffranieri’s winning streak came to an end on September 26th. However, his legacy on the show is cemented in television history. He is among the show’s greats, taking the number 3 spot for all-time highest cash winnings.

When he’s not wowing audiences with his ability to just “remember things”, Zuffranieri teaches math at Albuquerque Academy. He says he’s been trying to get on the show for more than two decades, and those aspiring to get on such shows should just keep trying and never give up.

He’ll return to the show next year for the Tournament of Champions. While he says he currently has no plans to get on other game shows, the possibility isn’t remote.

By the way, the answer that ultimately brought down the champ? “What is the Sydney Opera House?”

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