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New exhibit at Jemez Historic Site offers multimedia experience

The Jemez Historic Site is one of New Mexico’s favorite cultural destinations. The complex history of the Jemez Valley and the Guisewa people has been shared through the site for decades. Now, that story is stepping into the 21st Century.

Thanks to a collaboration with New Mexico Highlands University, the Historic Site’s visitor center has welcomed a new interactive exhibition that helps to tell the story of the Guisewa. From Spanish occupation, revolt and rebirth, the valley’s history is told through digital displays, an all-new floor-plan map, as well as iPad apps that will transport visitors back hundreds of years.

As site manager Ethan Ortega explains, it will also help the Historic Site’s curators to keep the exhibits up-to-date, with the ability to add to displays digitally as excavations, research and discoveries continue.

The Jemez Historic Site is located in the Jemez Valley and is open from 8:30am-5pm Wednesday through Sunday.

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