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Poulin Design Center remodels kitchen in just 3 weeks

A kitchen or bath remodel doesn’t have to take months out of your life. The professional and comprehensive solutions at Poulin Design Center can have you cooking in your dream kitchen in no time.

Just ask Joe Bisagna and Ronnie O’Halloran.

They recently took on the task of a full kitchen remodel and were able to get the kitchen of their dreams in just 14 days. From updated appliances, cabinetry, tiling and floorplan, every step of the project was overseen and orchestrated by Poulin Design.

One of the great benefits of going with the Design Center is the fact that they take care of every component -design, installation, troubleshooting, and final delivery. This omits the 3rd party contractors that can often delay -or completely derail- a project.

Get started on making your dream kitchen a reality by logging on to . You can also enter for your chance to win a remodel as well as a solar system for your home.

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