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The Albuquerque Grecian Festival

Immerse yourself in the sounds of the bouzouki, the tastes of authentic Greek cuisine, and the eye-catching sights of dancers streaming by in colorful costumes. Enjoy shopping for imported jewelry, gifts, foods, and pastries. Learn about the changeless Orthodox Christian faith with a tour of the St. George Church.

And most importantly, be happy and have fun!

Music and Dancing

Dance has played an important role in the life of Greeks all through their history. They celebrate that at the Albuquerque Grecian Festival. During Grecian Festival, the St. George groups perform dances from various regions of Greece, from the mountains of Epirus to the shores of the Dodecanes Islands.


$5 Admission
$2 for Seniors 62+ years
Free admission for active-duty military, police, fire, EMT personnel and kids age 11 and under. 

There is free Park and Ride in the parking lot at the southwest corner of Lomas and University NE.

One dollar = One FestBux

Festival items are sold using FestBux instead of cash. You buy everything with FestBux.

Purchase FestBux at any of the booths located on the festival grounds, or order online.

Common phrases in Greek

Hello Hé-re-te
Good morning Ka-lee-mé-ra
Good evening Ka-lee-spé-ra
Good night Ka-lee-née-hta
How are you? Pos-ís-te?
Fine Ka-lá
Please Se-pa-ra-ka-ló
Thank you Ef-ha-ree-stó
You’re welcome Pa-ra-ka-ló
Yes Má-lee-sta
No O-hee
Excuse me Sig-nó-mee
I understand Ka-ta-la-vé-no
What is this? Tee-ée-ne-af-tó?
How much is it? Po-so-ká-nee?
Come here El-a-e-thó
Goodbye Yá-sas

Trivia: Greek History

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