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Savor delicious from-scratch cuisine at High Point Grill

Started by Chef Mike White, High Point Grill is a restaurant and is a proud sponsor of the charity The Kitchen Kids Inc. that provides New Mexico children with a culinary path and is also the home of the 505 Food Fights.

High Point Grill offers a from-scratch menu featuring new pastas, 10 new kinds of mac and cheeses, gourmet burgers and more. Chef Mike brought several types of mac and cheeses while on the show, including the original four-cheese, green chile mac, meatball mac, pork belly mac, and double bacon mac.

505 Food Fights at High Point Grill is a culinary competition held for charity. At 9 p.m. every Thursday, chefs, and cooks from across the state will perform to create dishes from mystery ingredients.

All proceeds from the event will benefit a selected charity of the evening.

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