CancerRoadTrip aims to create a global perspective on health, happiness, healing

Back in 2009, Pat Wetzel was diagnosed with incurable cancer that sent her on a quest for wellness which soon became a part of her everyday life. Three rounds of chemo, radiation, and surgery ensued over the next several years until remission was realized.

Her battle with cancer inspired her to start the CancerRoadTrip and the Anti Cancer Club. Pat Wetzel explains that after seven years, she was tired of the treatment and made the decision to pack up her belongings and go on a road trip.

She then realized if she can go on a Cancer Road Trip to heal, why can’t others as well? CancerRoadTrip now provides trips for other cancer patients all over the world.

The documentary film series explores various cultural perspectives of health and healing through the eyes of cancer patients. Part of the film’s income is donated to cancer research.

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