Professional Coating Corp. offers stucco tips

When you see a stucco home, thoughts of the southwest immediately come to mind. At Professional Coating Corp., they work to provide all your stucco needs. As we near the end of the succoing season other companies might say you can stucco in the winter, but they advise not to do it.

Vice President of Professional Coating Corp. Luciano Perez says they recommend that you stucco your house during 40-degree or above temperatures. They also say usually stucco season is from late March or April through November.

Right now Professional Coating Corp has a 15% discount going on for people interested in stuccoing their house.

Sales Manager David Prado also explained the difference between synthetic and cement stucco. He says they both are good products and that you normally see synthetic stucco on commercial buildings, while cement stucco can be seen on homes.

For any inquiries or questions about a stucco job, contact Professional Coating Corp at 505-294-4744. You can also visit their website at

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