Local author highlights his life’s journey in new book

Ronny Jose Diaz is the author of an inspirational memoir titled, Hispanic Heritage, my Journey from New Mexico to the Mountains of Central America. He sat down to discuss more details about his book and where you could find a copy for yourself.

His story details his search for his Hispanic Heritage which carried him from his home in Southern New Mexico to Miami, Florida, and on-ward to Costa Rica & Guatemala. This excursion resulted in much more than he could have ever imagined, learning to speak the Spanish language, discovering his Latino roots and most importantly, meeting the love of his life, the lady who would become his wife. Together, their life experience has become a never-ending love story.

She is a native of Guatemala and brings the cultural experience of the heritage Ronny Jose Diaz was searching for, into his life every day, every moment of his life.

Ronny wrote the story of his journey but was able to connect to the reader like each of us is on our own personal journey of life. He describes the “lessons learned” which are tools the reader or viewer can use to enhance their personal journey of life.

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