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Learn something new with The Balloon Flight School

Albuquerque, New Mexico is home to the largest ballooning event of the year. The International Balloon Fiesta draws in thousands of people, watching balloons fill up and lift off, covering the Albuquerque skyline in hot air balloons.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to actually fly one of the balloons? What kind of training and tests would people need to know in order to obtain their pilot’s license? Did you know that there’s a place in Albuquerque that has the answers to all of that and so much more? The Balloon Flight School covers everything you need to know about owning a balloon to obtaining your license so you can fly in the sky.

Whether it’s becoming a private or professional commercial pilot or flying for your first time, The Balloon Flight School has you covered. Don’t be a spectator be a participant!

For flight instruction in the Albuquerque area, The Balloon Flight School will furnish a balloon, an instructor, a crew member, propane, truck, insurance, and the cost of the FAA-designated examiner for the check ride at a package price year-round.

If you are looking for something special, something different and something out of this world then join them for a flight over the scenic Rio Grande River, soar with the birds as they take you on a fairytale ride over the city of Albuquerque or perhaps join them during the annual Balloon fiesta overlooking hundreds of balloons.

Instruction is one-on-one and programs are scheduled to meet individual needs. They can normally complete the training in approximately 5 weeks for a private certificate, and 10 weeks for a Commercial Certificate,  assuming good weather for flight training.  With their staff of highly trained professional pilots, you can be assured of the best instructions in technical and safety skills.


1220 RockRose Rd. NE
Albuquerque, NM87122

Hours of operation

Monday-Friday  8am-5pm
Saturday  8am-4pm
Sundays  9am-4pm

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