Get disconnected by connecting with nature at Nature Matters Academy

Nature Matters is all about helping people to connect. Connect with nature. Connect with the community. And connect with ourselves.

But we are living in a world that is disconnected and the repercussions of this can be seen in our children. They can’t name a tree in their backyard. They’re constantly distracted. They’re often anxious. They’re less active. They’re always in front of screens. And they don’t think critically.

Each of these issues can be addressed by simply spending more time outside. They help families get their kids outside by giving parents the tools, time, and confidence to do so. Everything they need is in Nature Matters Academy.

Nature Matters Academy is a STEM-based curriculum that gets kids outside and learning about nature in their own backyards, all while building the kids’ STEM skills and confidence.

Their goal is to get kids off screens and outdoors, learning about nature in their own communities. They do this through STEM, but the power of their curriculum lies in developing a sense of place. They help kids feel grounded and empowered by knowing WHERE they live and the importance of the plants and animals that thrive there. This is what brings connection – not only to the natural world but within their community and within themselves.