Introducing Blake’s Lotaburger exclusive Hatch green chile

Blake’s Lotaburger is proud to present its exclusive chopped green chile. Blake’s worked directly with farmers in Hatch, New Mexico to develop a new variety of Hatch green chile. After an 8 year wait, the chile is now an exclusive product grown just for Blake’s Lotaburger. Today it is grown, harvested and roasted in Hatch, New Mexico.

Their chopped green chile’s heat level is all-natural and never modified. It is 100% flame roasted which captures the chile’s superior flavor and texture. Blake’s exclusive chopped green chile is served on our green chile cheeseburger and breakfast sandwich and can be added to any of our breakfast burritos or other menu items.

Blake’s Lotaburger opened its first restaurant in 1952 and has been serving delicious hamburgers ever since. They have over 75 locations in New Mexico, Tucson, Arizona, and El Paso, Texas.

Their menu also includes rich & creamy milkshakes (to temper the very real heat of our 100% Hatch Valley Grown Green Chile) & award-winning breakfast burritos (an A.M. staple).

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