Health insurance open enrollment with True Health New Mexico

It’s the time of year to start enrolling or renewing your health plans. There are many options out there to choose from, but this can become very overwhelming.

True Health New Mexico is physician-designed health insurance now offering health insurance to employer groups, individuals and families, and Federal employees. True Health New Mexico focuses on well-care, not just sick-care, helping you achieve your personal best health status. With a network of more than 10,000 primary care providers, specialists, and medical groups, an extensive list of $0 co-pays for generic medications, and extensive support for behavioral health, we offer a refreshing new approach to helping you manage your health.

Open Enrollment is underway. From November 1 to December 15, New Mexicans who purchase their own insurance have the chance to look at their health insurance coverage to see if it is still meeting their needs, and if necessary, make changes.

Having health insurance not only protects your physical health, but it also protects your financial health.

Being a smart health insurance shopper can save you money, but there are some important points to keep in mind.

In addition to employer group coverage, True Health New Mexico is now offering health insurance to individuals and families both on and off the health insurance exchange, and also to Federal employees.

Michele Toon, Senior Director of Sales and Account Services, says Choosing the best health insurance plan is easier when you understand what a premium is, the difference between copays and coinsurance, and what an out-of-pocket maximum is.

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