Combining science and nature with K&K Skin Products

K&K Skin Products is a skincare company that combines pure, premium oils with a cutting edge patent-pending molecule. It was founded by two sisters-in-law, Kristina Trujillo and Katie Uilk, that couldn’t be any more different. One is a biochemistry scientist, while the other is a natural ingredient artisan. Together, they have built a company the merges nature and science for results that the cosmetics market has never experienced before.

The products start with all-natural oil products that have been scientifically shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Customers have successfully treated conditions such as acne, eczema and dry, cracked skin with products only containing these base oils.

On Black Friday, K&K Skin Products will be launching its patent-pending BioVer-X Serum. This serum includes the patented-pending BioVer-X molecule, which has been intensely studied at the University of New Mexico for over a decade. The studies showed that it has 10X the anti-inflammatory properties and 6X the anti-oxidant properties as resveratrol- a high-end cosmetic ingredient.

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