Taos is ‘Playing for Change’ in new music video

The “Playing for Change” Taos music video is an inter-generational project and exemplifies how community building can be accomplished through music. The “Playing for Change” Taos music video is a collaborative effort by Taoseños to highlight our strength through diversity even in difficult times.

The “Playing for Change” Taos music video began filming and recording in early September 2019. Once they started, they realized the power of this project, as well as the teamwork, trust, and empowerment felt by the team.

They filmed a music video in the spirit of the Playing for Change foundation. Brooke Zanetell, UNM-Taos Faculty member, and Phillip Handmaker, Anansi Charter School teacher, wrote the song, “To The Mountaintop”. Working with Vito Trujillo Jr. of Adobe Productions and Ruben Hernandez and Francis Santistevan of Razor Sharp Productions, they filmed and recorded Taos musicians, dancers, and singers, all in beautiful areas around Taos.

The finished music video will be posted on YouTube as “Taos is Playing Too.”

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