Experian Data Breach Forecast for 2020

2019 is on track to finish as the worst year for data breaches and, in 2020, hackers could use drones, your cell phone and even who you plan to vote for in the 2020 Presidential election to steal your financial information.

According to the Experian Data Breach 2020 Forecast, hackers are expected to use technology in new ways as part of their identity theft schemes. The new methods will make you a victim of theft from the skies. Armed with a device, called a “WiFi Pineapple,” that drone hovering overhead could put your data at risk.

Who you support for president in the 2020 election can even put you at risk. Using a technique called “smishing” criminals send you text messages to gain access to your financial data.

Michael Bruemmer, Vice President of the Experian® Data Breach Resolution group and Consumer Protection at Experian, discussed five predictions for the data breach industry in 2020 and tips for how to protect your business or your personal data.

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