Author Vanessa Vassar promotes book ‘Evan and the Skygoats’

Vanessa Vassar is the author of the children’s book, Evan and the Skygoats, illustrated by Ophelia Cornet and published by Leaf Storm Press. She wrote Evan and the Skygoats based on her personal experience healing after the passing of her daughter, Sky Velvet. Vanessa is also a member of the board of directors of the Sky Velvet Vassar Music Foundation.

Vassar’s love of storytelling has been the basis of her professional work in writing, photography, film, and music.

Evan and the Skygoats

After his sister passes away, three-year-old Evan struggles to understand his own feelings and the sadness that envelops his family. Beautifully imagined and illustrated, Evan’s magical journey offers a compelling message about the power of the natural world to heal, to reassure, and to affirm our lasting connections to the ones we love. A wonderful, insightful and heart-warming story to comfort children of all ages. Based on her own personal experience healing from the loss of her daughter, the author also shares a list of Love Thoughts, useful advice for those grieving and for the family and friends helping them.

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