Haley Jenae Skincare and Bodywork offers natural remedies for your skincare needs

Haley Jenae Skincare started 10 years ago when Kelly Vargas’ son was born with eczema. Vargas accidentally stumbled upon a solution for his skin issues by using specific carrier oils that helped naturally heal his sensitive skin.

Over a 2 year period, she studied natural remedies for skin, carrier oils specific to skin issues and essential oils and how they help and heal sensitive skin. She also worked with a cosmetics laboratory during that time to create her first product line.

Over the years, her skincare line of body butters, sugarbutter scrubs, body oils, and lotion candles has evolved to what it is today. Along the journey, she went to the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics to dive deeper into not only natural plants and plant-based medicines but what is healthy for your body from the inside out.

Today, she offers healthy skincare to the public as well as custom create private label products for some of Albuquerque’s local business owners.

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