Celebrate National Popcorn Day with Cornivore Popcorn Company

January 19th is National Popcorn Day, and Cornivore Popcorn Company is collaborating with four companies this year who are going to take their popcorn and incorporate it in a product of their own. Co-Founder Robert Mendez discussed the business and how you can participate in one of their social media competitions.

Cornivore Popcorn Company started 5 years ago with one goal in mind; to make the best popcorn people have ever tasted. They spent years creating flavors and then utilizing a technique becoming popular among startups called “customer discovery.” This is a process where you create a product and then test it with potential customers, take their feedback, iterate the product, go back out to potential customers, test it, rinse and repeat until you have a product that customers will commit to buying when they start selling it.

For National Popcorn Day, Cornivore Popcorn Company will have free popcorn at both of their locations, and at their partner locations; Rebel Donut, Rude Boy Cookies, Brenda’s Perfect Brittle, and their new partner for 2020, Chocolate Cartel.

They are giving away 30 bags away on Friday to various people who can compete for one by participating in their social media challenge.