Choose to lose with The Hit Fit Club

The Hit Fit Club is a fun, effective, and challenging full-body workout with a coach. Best of all it is 30 minutes! They are a locally owned small business in Albuquerque. Owner Jennifer Patel and Trainer/Coach Jenna Hice discussed the gym and what you can expect.

The Hit Fit Club is a unique fitness training center committed to helping clients who want an enjoyable and proven workout experience that gets results. Their action-packed, kickboxing-inspired workouts are fun, challenging and effective in helping you reach your goals. Their workouts appeal to all levels of fitness in convenient, 30 minutes intervals with no set class times. Instead of having to deal with a rigid class schedule, they offer you the flexibility to work out when it fits your schedule, they offer you the flexibility to work out when it fits your schedule. Classes don’t start at a set time, but when you walk through the door! Their staff and trainers are passionately dedicated to creating and encouraging and fast-paced environment where you immediately feel like you are a part of something greater than your average gym or training studio.

The Choose to Lose Challenge!

You choose to lose the weight, you choose to lose to become fit and you choose to better yourself in 2020. This is a six-week challenge that will begin on February 3, 2020. You will get an eating plan, workouts at The Hit Fit Club, and yoga.

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