Get your computer needs at The PC Place

The PC Place is your one-stop computer shop. Owner & President Stephen Armijo and Administrative Officer Sonia Armijo discussed the business, and what that pesky Windows 7 pop up screen really means for your computer.

The PC Place has been helping people with their technological needs since 1993. Enthusiastic to join the computer revolution in the 90’s, they were the first computer retail and repair store to locate in the Albuquerque area. They are proud to say we have served multiple generations of computer users and look forward to more.

Their mission is to sell, service, and upgrade computer equipment of high quality at reasonable prices.  In addition, this company intends to maintain a superior and well-trained team of committed individuals with a positive and caring attitude.  This group will utilize their creative ingenuity to solve problems and provide efficient solutions while establishing and maintaining lasting relationships with customers. With this combination, they believe they can provide quality products and services that the customer cannot get anywhere else.

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