US Cryotherapy Albuquerque won’t send shivers down your spine

Using Cold Shock Therapy, US Cryotherapy offers a unique, convenient, and energizing new service which promotes faster recovery and better health. Supervisors Jase Olivas Rhodes and Jessica Knapp discussed the opening of their franchise, what Cryotherapy is, and the treatments they offer.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy stimulates cold shock, starting the body’s self-repair process, but it is not at all uncomfortable. This is not like immersion or an ice bath– those processes usually involve a sharp stinging feeling. Whole-Body Cryotherapy at US Cryotherapy in Albuquerque is not a painful process. They’re an industry leader in nitrogen-free Cryotherapy.

During the treatment, their process will lower your skin temperature between 30-45 degrees and the treatment will only last 2.5 to 3.5 minutes inside our Cryotherapy chamber. The chamber can even hold up to 4 people. Once you’re in US Cryotherapy Albuquerque’s Whole-body Cryotherapy chamber, the process will deliver dry, fresh, oxygenated air. This means that you will not experience the symptoms of being cold, such as shivering and goosebumps.

You will leave US Cryotherapy Albuquerque actually feeling warmer than when you entered the chamber and your body, skin, and mind will feel rejuvenated.

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