H&R Block provides helpful tax tips and expert guidance

American families often rely on tax income returns. A survey commissioned by H&R Block of tax filers who claimed Earned Income Tax Credit found that two-thirds of those surveyed said it would be challenging to pay for essential living expenses if they did not receive a tax refund this year.

Ramon Vasquez of H&R Block provides tax tips and more information on refunds. He explains that filing early is the best way to prevent jeopardizing any entitled tax credits.

“The unfortunate matter is that sometimes people can end up in situations where their social security number becomes compromised because they waited too long to file and unfortunately there was someone out there that beat them to the punch,” said Ramon.

Filing your taxes with someone knowledgeable and trustworthy is also critical. H&R Block offers 70,000 associates who average around 12 years of service that taxpayers can find at their local office.

Ramon also tells taxpayers to be wary of people who offer you a larger than average tax refund as larger doesn’t always mean legal.

For more information on tax filing, visit H&R Block’s website.

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