‘The Colt Balok Show’ connects humans to one another

The Colt Balok Show‘s job is to connect humans to one another. In everything they do, they challenge people to become their best selves, and they believe everyone is made for greatness. The way they challenge people to be their best selves is by showcasing inspiring and entertaining content that connects one human to another. They just happen to do this through a TV talk show. Host and Executive Producer Colt Balok stopped by to discuss the new season of the show on My50tv, and their mission of genuine human connection and love without limit.

This year, The Colt Balok Show kicked off Colt’s Book Club. For 13 weeks, they will be reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. Grab your copy and follow along with them, week by week. Sound off with your thoughts, ideas, and feelings on their Twitter as you follow along with them.

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