CancerRoadTrip encourages others to tell their stories

Pat Wetzel is the founder of CancerRoadTrip and the Anti-Cancer Club. She stopped by to discuss her life journey, the obstacles she had to overcome, and what the CancerRoadTrip is all about.

Pat Wetzel is the visionary behind CancerRoadTrip. In her former life, after Wharton Business School, she worked in the world of international finance. And then, with a trip to the West Coast, she became captivated by the sport of soaring. For over a decade, this sport provided adventure and wisdom through aerial travel. In 2009 a supposedly incurable cancer diagnosis sent Pat on a serious quest for what creates health. She realized that her experiences weren’t unique, and she founded the Anti-Cancer Club, a free website of cancer resources. Three rounds of chemo, radiation, and surgery ensued over the next several years until remission was realized. It was time for a break. It was time for a road trip. And along the way, there were many lessons. One is that travel heals. Pat is our Guide to a bit of healing adventure.

Pat would like to encourage viewers to tell their stories of courage so they can be selected to be part of her travel journey and tell their story in her film.

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