Enjoy the tragicomedy ‘Family Band for a Clown Funeral’

Blackout Theatre proudly presents Family Band for a Clown Funeral, a tragicomedy featuring live original music. Director & Performer Barney Lopez discussed the production and what audiences can expect.

Ma and Pa got married doing a hand-holding quadruple backflip over the hide of a raging bull. They could make the devil himself crack a smile. Ma and Pa were rodeo clown royalty.
But now, Ma and Pa are dead.

They are survived by their rowdy children – blood tied, adopted, and collected – and the country songs they played many years ago. Now the family band is back together to honor Ma and Pa’s legacy and raise money for a proper clown funeral. Join Cap’n, Hondo, Darlin’ and the gang for live music, tall tales, and the strangest family reunion you’ve ever seen. 

This is a tragicomedy – it’s a bunch of ridiculous clowns contending with a significant loss. The show discusses serious themes like grief, addiction, estrangement, forgiveness, sexuality and gender identity, and what it means to be family, but in a way that will hopefully make the audience laugh even while they’re crying.

Part immersive theatre, part circus act, and part country-western show, Family Band for a Clown Funeral is an experience unlike any other. Join Blackout Theatre for the biggest, strangest, rowdiest funeral you’ve ever seen.

Event details

Family Band for a Clown Funeral
February 6th – 8th, 2020, 8 PM
February 9th, 2020, 2 PM
Tricklock Performance Laboratory

February 6th is Pay What You Can admission.