Gluten-free options at The Bakehouse off the Wheaten Path

For the many people who are gluten-free, finding gluten-free items that taste good can be a serious challenge. The good news is The Bakehouse off the Wheaten Path, LLC has changed the game when it comes to gluten-free options. Owner Heidi Moir discussed how they are serving delicious gluten-free options.

The journey began around 2006 when Moir found that eating gluten-free helped the behavior of a couple of her children, immensely. However, the available gluten-free items were less than palatable. So, she started experimenting to make a gluten-free bread that tasted good and didn’t have the texture of cardboard or weight of a brick. Through many trials and errors, she finally achieved my goal. She then pursued experimenting with other recipes for cakes, cookies and such to give her children more options. She enjoyed the challenge of converting a “standard” recipe and making it gluten-free with the end goal being you couldn’t taste the difference (i.e., you didn’t know it was gluten-free).

Flash forward to 2010, Moir found herself diagnosed with gluten intolerance and thus, the challenge continued. She wanted to be able to eat the same baked goods and dishes as everyone else and not have to “settle” for the gluten-free option offered. She began experimenting with a wider range of recipes, scones, Bundt cakes, Biscochitos, etc., and in 2018, she started baking in a shared kitchen for a couple of coffee shops so that there would be non-gluten* options for their patrons. The Bakehouse has expanded into other coffee shops, cafes, and food trucks, and now, take special orders.

Later this spring, they plan to open up their own kitchen and storefront. The location will be in the NE Heights, off of Wyoming. The kitchen will be a dedicated gluten-free facility. They will be a full-service bakery with coffee, espressos, and teas and serve breakfast and lunch.