Rhinestone Rambler features GiddyUp Boots

Rhinestone Rambler is a fashion and travel blog with a heart for the American Southwest, created by Ashley Wagner. This month, she is featuring GiddyUp Boots. Both Ashley Wagner and GiddyUp Boots Founder Britney Birkhauser discussed the business.

Cowboy boots, belts, and Levi denim buttons have remained an All-American proud to be in the USA staple since the early 20th century. From the organic farmworkers to the horse and buggy western slopes, to Hollywood early western movies, to country signers for decades, to modernized today. GiddyUp Boots offers just that great feeling of sensation with the times more refined and urbanized for the modern-day kind of feel. From dress-up to country signers, concerts, festivals, BBQs, and just down to GiddyUp! These boots are meant to GiddyUp and spark excitement to every type of day ensemble.

Thus, GiddyUp Boots couture focuses on the overall caliber of the boots by modernizing it to meet today’s kind of appeal. We seek all superiority of boots, belts, straps, furs, buttons, and maybe a jewel or two all within the United States to bring the curb appeal to anything you may wear. Proud to source and use materials found within the USA.