Remarkable Women Finalist Angelicque Chavez

Congratulations to finalist, Angelicque Chavez. Sadie was nominated for the 2020 Remarkable Woman Contest by Yvonne Encinias. Here is what she had to say:

Angelicque is the mother of two young adults with special needs. Jarred was born with hydrocephalus and Savanaugh with Microcephaly. Through her journey with her children she has become an advocate for all individuals with special needs, giving them a voice and fighting to educate others as well as push for inclusion.

Angelicque has lead fundraising events for several organizations whose focus is special needs and hydrocephalus. She has organized community fairs and walks to raise awareness.

Angelicque founded the first special needs prom in Santa Fe as a way to give kids and adults with special needs a way to enjoy a milestone that they may have missed without this annual event. The promgram has more than quadrupled in size since the first one which began in a high school’s cafeteria, and will now in 2020, be held at the Santa Fe convention center and host kids and adults from Santa Fe, Pojaque, Espanola, Bernalillo and Moriarty.

The event is free to all attendees and includes wardrobe from a prom closet of donated prom wear, free hair and make-up, dinner and dancing but the most amazing part is the way she transforms each venue into a magical place where each child or adult is treated like royalty and are free to be themselves among their peers.

The 2019 prom welcomed over 250 attendees and crowned each individual with special needs as prom queen or prom king. She also began a tradition of celebrating our seniors every year by donating items to the local senior center at Thanksgiving.

Angelicque also started an annual toy drive for Christmas for the children hospitalized during Christmas which includes a Christmas meal for the children, their families and the staff. Angelicque began this drive since she is more than familiar with spending holidays in the hospital. Jarred has had hundreds of brain surgeries and they have had countless stays in hospitals. In addition, she sits in the city of Santa Fe’s committee for disabilities and most recently introduced the idea of a all-inclusive city park in Santa Fe. 

She is the most giving, kind-hearted, selfless person I myself have ever met and even though she is devoted to her causes, she will always make time for any friend or family member who may be in need help, even if just a smile or a prayer. Angelicque deserves to be recognized for all that she does for our community and our city.

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