Breaking Bad Store ABQ is your one-stop-shop for all things ‘Breaking Bad’

The Breaking Bad Store ABQ is the first of its kind in all the world, in that its the only store that fans of the Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul series or El Camino movie, can shop in a store dedicated to the shows. Owners Marq Smith and Ed Candelaria discussed the store, the feedback they’ve received from visitors, and them being a small business opening in Albuquerque.

At The Breaking Bad Store, they carry many items that you cannot find in New Mexico, much less in the country, that come from other parts of the world. They also carry items from local artists, that create something unique and also something that fans and out of town visitors would love to own or take to family and friends who are fans of the shows.

They are also not just a gift/retail shop. They are also a place where you can do photo ops within the store (which they will change from time to time), and also have items from their collection to add a sense of a museum for folks to snap pictures, to discuss and to remember Breaking Bad.

The store itself is an homage to one of the greatest tv shows of its time, and one that truly needed to be opened, but needed to be opened where it was and is filmed and that’s in Albuquerque.