Duke City Repertory Theatre presents ‘This Is Modern Art’

Duke City Repertory Theatre (DCRT) is a professional, non-profit theater in Albuquerque. They serve their audiences by creating bold, imaginative theatre experiences for the people of our community and beyond. Artistic Director Amelia Ampuero and DCRT Company and Cast Member Danielle Robertson discussed their upcoming play, This Is Modern Art.

Where does art belong?

Duke City Repertory Theatre continues its spectacular 10th season with This Is Modern Art. Based on true events, this show is as vibrant and attention-grabbing as the art it discusses.

Though people call graffiti artists vandals, Seven and his crew are determined to make their voices heard by altering the way people view art and the artists who create it.

When Seven comes up with a big idea to shake up the Chicago art scene, his crew is all in. But the biggest move of their careers might have serious consequences, for some of them more than others.

This Is Modern Art takes you racing over the rooftops of Chicago, through the history of graffiti art, and face-to-face with urgent questions of the moment: Where does art belong and who does it belong to?

Event details

February 20th – March 8th
Thursdays – Saturdays at 8 PM
Sundays at 2 PM

PAY WHAT IT’S WORTH performances on February 21st, March 1st, and March 6th.

Recommended for ages 12+ due to language.