Remarkable Women Finalist Nancy VanDevender

Congratulations to finalist, Dr. Nancy VanDevender. Nancy was nominated for the 2020 Remarkable Woman Contest by John VanDevender. Here is what he had to say:

Dr. Nancy VanDevender is remarkable in all three categories.

Community Contribution: Nancy is a life-ling contributor to excellence in education. She served as Chair of the Parents Association and Chair of Board of Trust at Albuquerque Academy, and then served as Speech Team Mom and chaperon on Speech Team Trips. She is an Honorary Lifetime Trustee of the Academy in recognition of her lifetime of service. Her mid-life PhD in Education let her step up her service to become Vice President of Tuition Plan Inc., when it was headquartered in Albuquerque. She teamed with President Doug Brown to create the national 529 Plan for Private Colleges and Universities–getting approvals through Congress, the IRS, the SEC, all 50 state security entities–and enabling families to save for colleges that were not eligible for state sponsored 529 Plans.

Family Impact: Nancy is mother of three accomplished children who testify to her effectiveness as a parent: 1) a woman electrical engineer/computer engineer/political scientist (before women were encouraged to go into technical careers) and wife and mother of two in Atlanta, 2) a woman comedy writer and entrepreneur in Los Angeles, and 3) a man quantum information physicist and chief scientist of a 1.5 billion dollar venture capital fund in San Francisco. She and her husband, and greatest admirer, of 48 years currently do all the good they can while they can.

Self-Achievement: Nancy earned her PhD in Curriculum Development from UNM, which was a personal goal and an enabler of greater contributions to the community. Her inner strength is remarkable. She overcame life-threatening sepsis in January and February of 2017, overcame her ascending aorta’s bursting on March 1, 2017, and then emerged from status epilepticus caused by complications of the aorta surgery in late March of that year. Her personal strength, determination, and spirit let her beat the 1000 to 1 odds against her survival.

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