Layla is Animal Humane New Mexico’s Pet of the Week

If you’re looking to adopt a dog, look no further than Animal Humane New Mexico. They are constantly bringing in animals who are in need of loving forever homes. Fundraising Events & Merchandising Associate Manager Madison Beets showcased their pet of the week, as well as discussed a few great fundraising events.

Meet Layla, Animal Humane New Mexico’s Pet of the Week. She is a sweet, 3 years-old, American Pit Bull Cross. She was received as a transfer and is looking for her forever home.

Layla is a happy-go-lucky gal who would love to hike, bike, run, walk, travel–just about anything with you. She has an engaging attitude which you will appreciate when it’s time to get out your running shoes. She’s an exuberant but obedient girl–ready to go when you are.

Team member notes: Be sure to check out Layla’s stunning eyes–the scientific term is heterochromia–one blue eye and one brown eye. She has a splash of brown in the blue one and a splash of blue in the brown one! Her stunning eyes match her stunning personality!

Save the date for their Foster Shower happening on Sunday, March 22 at Animal Humane’s Main Campus. There, they will be hosting a raffle, games & more & will be asking for donations from their wishlist!

Additionally, Kendra Scott & Painting with Paris are hosting a giveback event with Animal Humane as the beneficiary on Feb. 19. 20% of sales during the hours of 4 – 8 pm will come back to Animal Humane!

Founded in 1965, Animal Humane New Mexico is the state’s leading private 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organization serving more than 10,000 homeless and at-risk dogs & cats each year. They never euthanize based on age or length of stay and since 2010, have re-homed 100% of healthy pets in their care. They support every companion animal at Animal Humane with outstanding veterinary, social and emotional care, and love.