8 Beat Films’ mission is to bring New Mexico creators to the forefront

In the shadow of media giants like Netflix, and other huge productions that set-up shop in New Mexico, one hometown production company is determined to continue to produce top tier original content and develop talent from within. Producer Keagan Karnes discussed what 8beat films is, what their mission is, and how it’s helping local New Mexican filmmakers make their mark.

8 Beat Films is the brainchild of award-winning New Mexico producer Keagan Karnes, born from ten years experience creating diverse media productions with a highly skilled team of local creatives.

8beat films is a full-service production company and production services company owned and operated by Keagan Karnes. A core mission of the company is to expand on an existing creative collective and accelerate the development and growth of area media makers and performers.

Already an award-winning producer, Karnes seeks to preserve the integrity and high-quality production value he and his partners have long been known for in media circles while providing local creatives with employment opportunities as the firm and the industry grow. He and his team are already putting resident talent, crew, locations, and services to work, with regular casting, location and service call for productions presently signed on with 8 Beat.

Keep up with 8 Beat Films on Facebook for updates on upcoming calls and news on two original films ramping up for production in the spring. Including the feature film Big Brother.

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