Remarkable Women Finalist Micky Jaramillo

Congratulations to finalist, Micky Jaramillo. Micky was nominated for the 2020 Remarkable Woman Contest by Zelda Jaramillo. Here is what she had to say:

Mickey, 84, lovingly and respectfully known as “Grandma Mickey” from the youngest to the oldest in the Tierra Amarilla and surrounding communities, is one of New Mexico’s remarkable woman. She is a pillar of her community. 

She left school, in 10th grade, to help support and raise her eight siblings after her father died of cancer.  She worked from daylight to sundown selling ranching supplies, loading and unloading bales of hay to fence posts at the Spill Brother’s Ranch.  She later married Rumaldo Jaramillo, he passed in 1976, and had four children. She became mother and father to her family supporting her family with two to three jobs at a time.

She worked for Rio Arriba County Clerk recording documents, U&R Diner, and cleaned rooms at different motels in the area.  She worked in the Chama Valley School system as a loved and renowned cook.  She continued to work, after retirement, as a foster grandparent, tutoring second graders, in the schools. To this date, Mickey gets up at 4:00 each morning to prepare physically and spiritually for her volunteer work at the Family Child Day Care in Tierra Amarilla.  She helps care and nurture children from newborn to four-year-olds daily.  Humbly, she does this every day. 

She was a member of the Ladies Auxiliary for Veterans of Foreign Wars for 30 years.  When the veterans passed, she assisted the grieving families. During this time, she set a great example of work ethic and modeled how important it was to help your family, community, and church.  Her children are prime examples of Mickey’s upbringing.  Between Mickey and her four children, they have over 152 years of volunteer service in the Tierra Amarilla, La Mesilla/San Pedro Volunteer Fire Departments, Santo Nino Church, and Emergency Medical Services.

To this day Mickey, at 84,  is always there to take a homemade meal to a grieving family, donate money to a family that has lost everything in a house fire or some other catastrophe, feed a homeless person, support a lonely friend, soothe a crying child, pray with a devastated widow, feed firefighters after they have been working in the wee hours of the morning trying to save a neighbor’s home, plus much, much more. 

She was one of the first recipients of the esteemed highest volunteer award in her church community, Santo Nino Lifetime Award.  She was recognized, in the Santa Fe Archdiocese, with the St. Francis of Assisi volunteer award.

On top of all this, Mickey makes the best biscochitos, pastelitos, bread, and beans in the whole southwest! She is adored and is such a great role model for the young and old! She evokes kindness, warmth, and genuine love, but she also brings out these qualities in others who are graced with her presence.  She makes a person feel deeply loved, special, and hopeful, and “panza llena, corazon contento”.  All New Mexico generations can learn tremendously from this remarkable woman about compassion, patience, dedication, forgiveness, love, and diligence.

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