Albuquerque Neuroscience is conducting a new depression research study

Albuquerque Neuroscience is a family-owned business that contributes to the development of new treatments for psychiatric illnesses. They have conducted clinical trials in depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease for the last 30 years. Investigator Glenn Michael Dempsey, MD and Study Coordinator Andy Riddle discussed their latest study on depression.

They are studying an investigational medication for depression. This medication was discovered by studying the hormone changes that occur with childbirth and can lead to postpartum depression. This study will test an oral formulation of an IV medication that was recently approved for postpartum depression.

Albuquerque Neuroscience will be looking at a dosing schedule of 2 weeks every 8 weeks, to see if the study medication can prevent the return of depression symptoms.