KRQE Cares Shoes for Kids is holding their fundraising campaign

Putting on a new pair of sneakers on the feet of children who need them the most. That is exactly what KRQE Cares Shoes for Kids campaign does and for the month of March, they are launching a fundraiser campaign to make it all happen this year. Mary Kenney of Assistance League of ABQ Volunteer and KRQE Community Relations Director Carolyn Rush discussed the campaign, and why it’s so important for our community.

While many parents struggle to pay for their children’s shoes, viewers are enhancing their school experience through the “Shoes for Kids” program. Having new shoes just like all the other kids helps level the playing field and makes it possible for children to walk with pride and compete equally with their classmates.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that it may play a significant role in reducing children dropping out of school. Schools selected are Title 1 schools and every student will receive a pair of shoes.

The Assistance League of Albuquerque is an all-volunteer charitable organization that is committed to helping those in the greater Albuquerque area. 

SHOE DEPT and SHOE DEPT ENCORE stores make it easy to donate to Shoes for Kids. Anyone who is purchasing shoes to donate to the campaign can visit any SHOE DEPT store to receive 15% off of their donation.

You can also make donations online by visiting KRQE Cares and clicking on the red button.

Event details

KRQE Cares Shoes for Kids Phone Bank
4 PM – 6 PM on KRQE
6 PM – 7 PM on FOX NM