Remarkable Women Finalist Laura Bittner

Congratulations to finalist, Laura Bittner. Laura was nominated for the 2020 Remarkable Woman Contest

Laura is the County Program Director/Family and Consumer Sciences Agent for NMSU Cooperative Extension Service in Los Lunas.  Laura does many things to benefit the community.  When she found out that a good many of the high school students at Century High School had their last meal at lunchtime on Thursday or Friday (if they had class on Friday) until Monday morning, she did some research to find out what she could do to help.  This is an alternative high school, so the students can be up to 21 years of age.  They are the forgotten demographic as since they live at home and don’t qualify for other assistance.  She started the snack pack program, including working on a crowd funding program thru NMSU to fund the entire program.  Not only does she do all the shopping but is usually there every week to hand out the snack packs.  Through volunteers and donations, the past 2 holiday seasons the students have gone home with a huge bag of food, she was even able to get turkeys at Thanksgiving. 
Laura started a program in Meadow Lake called the Meadow Lake Kids Club, she works with the underserved children of Meadow Lake. She provides craft programs and other programs to help the families and children of the Meadow Lake community.  At Christmas time she has volunteers that provide gifts for every child in the program that are distributed at their Christmas party.
Laura is the most selfless person I have ever known and inspires people to be the best they can.  She has helped write resumes so women can get jobs.  I know she spends a lot of her own money to help with all these programs.

There are other programs she has started in the community, these 2 are just an example.

Laura received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration this past May from NMSU, completing the rigorous program in 3 1/2 years. Receiving your doctorate is certainly not something for wimps to take on, especially when she works probably 60 hours a week, then would complete homework, research and writing her thesis. Laura is an amazing woman, I’m proud to call my friend and honored to nominate for this award.

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