The film ‘Rainbow Clouds’ is seeking community involvement

It began a whispered pledge and became a cry for action.

In 1985, in the heart of Albuquerque, while laying in a bed in the city’s only AIDS ward, Edward’s best friend asked for a simple request: “Write my eulogy.” A difficult and heart-wrenching task, but a task completed with love and respect. It took a sleepless night, countless wadded up pieces of paper and agonizing memories, but the eulogy came to life. After reading the speech, his friend said it needed to be expanded. “It needs more. More people, more stories, more love.”

Edward then began a journey interviewing people in Albuquerque touched by the disease. He spoke to patients staying in the AIDS ward at the hospital where he volunteered. He interviewed nurses, doctors, friends, family, visitors…anyone willing to share their story.

He took those personal revelations, confessions, and heartache, and formed them into the stage play “Fallen Guardian Angels” (Which is the basis for the screenplay, Rainbow Clouds). Through six characters and no-holds-barred monologues, the audience enjoys a roller-coaster of emotional responses as the disease came to life in the stories of their friends and neighbors.

The story is not about the government’s inaction or researchers’ unable to decipher a riddle; the story is about the people affected. How AIDS changed their lives.

After thirty years, the story evolved into a screenplay. Rainbow Clouds tells the story of six different families in Albuquerque who were devastated by the AIDS epidemic at the beginning of its onslaught. The misunderstandings, scapegoating and everyday emotions of their stories are brought to light without constant reminders of the government’s inactivity. Rainbow Clouds shines a light on the other side of the epidemic: The Human Side. Rainbow Clouds is not about one group’s plight, but everyone’s story. Using the blueprint of a world-wide produced theatrical piece, Rainbow Clouds will entertain, educate and remind people that HIV and AIDS are still out there. They require attention so we can find a cure and defeat the disease. Above all, there must always remain hope.

Right now, they’re looking for community involvement. Rainbow Clouds has the potential to reach many people, and give insight to another side of our city’s history. They are looking for community support and to spread the word that the film industry is taking off with local talent in the spotlight, not just in the background.

You can donate to their IndieGoGo page to help support this film.