Celebrate Indigenous pop-culture groups at IndigiPop X

IndigiPop X is the original, Native and Indigenous pop culture festival celebrating the best Indigenous representations in film, television, comics, games, futurisms and much more. The festival seeks to highlight and promote Native Creatives and their work advancing Native and Indigenous identity through artistic and creative mediums. Founder and CEO Lee Francis 4 discussed the festival, how it got started, and what attendees can expect.

Born from the Indigenous Comic Con, Indigenous Pop X is a three-day Comic Convention and Pop Culture Festival with a unique cultural twist and strong dedication to providing experience and opportunity to youth and communities.

IndigiPop X began after a number of people began talking about getting all the Indigenous pop-culture groups together in one place to celebrate and validate the work that has been done. Native Realities Publishing finally had the time and resources to make this event happen and the rest is (or rather will be) history.

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