Animal Humane New Mexico is rolling out their Camp Humane

If you’re looking to adopt a dog, look no further than Animal Humane New Mexico. They are constantly bringing in animals who are in need of loving forever homes. Fundraising Events & Merchandising Associate Manager Madison Beets showcased their pet of the week, as well as discussed their upcoming camp.

Meet Lilliana, this week’s pet of the week! She is an 8-year-old, shepherd cross who was an owner surrender. Her maturity allows her to know what it means to be a well-behaved family member. She’s housebroken and knows how to sit, stay, down, come, and shake. She’s lived successfully with dogs and small children. She enjoys fetching and chase. She loves to be inside with a cozy dog bed, and she’s used to being at home while her humans are gone for the day. If you think she’s the perfect fit for you, then come stop by Animal Humane New Mexico!

Animal Humane New Mexico is also hosting its Camp Humane. Their 6.5-acre Main Campus makes the perfect setting for animal-loving youth ages 5 – 13 to learn more about caring and advocating for animals. Through learning activities and crafts, animal interactions, visits from special guests and field trips to other organizations, campers spend their time with Animal Humane New Mexico exploring topics such as:

  • How to care for and train many types of companion animals
  • How to be responsible pet guardians
  • Careers with animals
  • The challenges that animals face
  • Protecting many types of animals–both wild and companion–and the planet
  • Other ways humans can help

Each camp session is led by Animal Humane’s professional Humane Educators, with help from Animal Humane Education Volunteers and, during the summer, Youth Volunteer Counselors trained students age 15-18 who wish to volunteer some of their summer hours to help homeless pets and their community.

Event details

Camp Humane: Registration opens March 15 at midnight!
Sessions begin June 8 & close July 17.